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About VizaCafe

VizaCafe a pioneering institute formally known AUPP. Established in 2006, we have a proud legacy of 17 years. VizaCafe is your Gateway to Overseas study, work & settlement solution. After 12th or after graduation, We offer higher education in various countries such as Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, and the USA to assist you in choosing the right course, country, and university. We provide information regarding Europe & education system worldwide.

Our Mission: Empowering Dreams, Transforming Lives

At the core of VizaCafe lies a profound mission - to empower individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to navigate the dynamic landscape of international education successfully. We understand that the decision to pursue education abroad is a pivotal one, and our dedicated team is here to provide personalized guidance, ensuring that every student makes informed choices aligned with their academic and professional aspirations.

Our Vision: Bridging Dreams to Reality

Our vision at VizaCafe is to be the catalyst for transforming dreams into reality. We aim to be the preferred partner for students seeking overseas education, offering a holistic approach that combines test and result-oriented teaching with a commitment to individual attention. Through our esteemed faculty, comprehensive practice materials, and a range of mock tests, we envision shaping individuals into globally competitive, confident, and successful professionals.

VizaCafe located in Nagpur, Maharashtra, VizaCafe is situated at the heart of India’s educational landscape. This central location not only reflects our commitment to accessibility but also positions us to serve as a guiding force for students aspiring to explore, learn, and thrive on the international stage. 

With a history dating back to 2006, VizaCafe carries a legacy of 17 years of excellence. As we transition from AUPP to VizaCafe, we take pride in our journey of evolution and commitment to providing quality education services. This rich history serves as a testament to our dedication to guiding students through the intricacies of international education.

Your Pathway to Abroad Education – India’s Largest Pathway Program

VizaCafe, formally known AUPP, stands as India’s Largest Pathway Program for Abroad Education. Whether you are a recent graduate or completing your 12th, our specialized guidance extends to higher education opportunities in prominent countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, and the USA. As we transition from AUPP, our expertise remains intact, ensuring a seamless continuation of the pathway to global education.

Specializing in Personalized Guidance and Expert Assistance

At VizaCafe, we understand that every student is unique, and their educational journey should reflect that individuality. Our specialties lie in providing personalized guidance and expert assistance to ensure that your academic pursuits align seamlessly with your goals. From test and result-oriented teaching to small batch sizes for individual attention, we tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of each student.

Comprehensive Practice Material and Mock Tests – Building Confidence and Competence

To ensure your success, VizaCafe offers comprehensive practice materials and more than 15 mock tests. We believe in the power of practice, and these resources are designed to go beyond the standard curriculum, preparing students for the challenges of global education. Our reputable and well-experienced faculties bring a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to guide students through every step of their educational journey.

Flexibility in Learning – Online and Offline Modules

Recognizing the evolving needs of learners, VizaCafe provides the flexibility of choosing between online and offline learning modes. This adaptability ensures that education is not only accessible but also tailored to fit the diverse lifestyles of our students, making the learning experience seamless and enjoyable.

Embark on a Journey with VizaCafe – Where Excellence Meets Opportunity 

Join VizaCafe, formally known AUPP, where excellence converges with opportunity. Let us be the bridge to your international academic success. As we seamlessly blend AUPP’s legacy with VizaCafe’s innovation, we invite you to embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and achievement. Your success is our mission, and we are committed to ensuring that your dreams become a reality, now under the trusted banner of VizaCafe & Learning Solution.

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The overall IELTS online preparation course was excellent especially the lessons on the structure of each module. I achieved my desired score with the best guidance from the trainers.

Rajat Mishra Band Score: 7.5

VizaCafe is simply the best. I won't hesitate to recommend this IELTS online preparation program to anyone looking for the best learning online courses for IELTS. VizaCafe is cost-efficient, as well as amazing coaches.

Shubham Band Score: 8

I got perfect mentors and timely responses to queries during the IELTS online course by VizaCafe. Although I could integrate speaking clubs with all the questions from part 1 and part 3.

Priyanka Sharma Band Score: 7.5
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