Writing Skill


60 minutes only


There are 2 tasks.

Academic Writing:

Task 1: Describe, summarize, or explain data from a ​graph, table, chart, or diagram within a 150-175 word ​limit; allocate up to 20 minutes.

Task 2: Write an essay addressing a specific point, ​view, argument, or problem, adhering to a 250-275 ​word limit; this task counts for double the marks of ​Task 1 and should take up to 40 minutes.

General Writing:

Task 1: Write a letter based on a given scenario, ​which can be formal, semi-formal, or informal, with a ​150-175 word limit; dedicate no more than 20 ​minutes.

Task 2: Compose an essay similar to the academic ​section, with the same word count and time ​allocation, and it carries double the weight of Task 1.

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